I’m not a big energy drink person and was kind of nervous to try a Matador energy shot because I’ve tried other ones before and did not like how they made me feel or the way they tasted.  I did not have a bad experience with Matador at all.  I never crashed or got the jitters at all and the energy made me feel more focused.  Not to mention the taste of of the Strawberry Champagne and Mojito are way better than anything out there…especially when they are cold!  Can’t wait to try the new flavors when they come out!!


I have been using matador since it first came out.  I have a very active life and take my energy needs very serious.  I did not use energy shots or other products because they gave me jitters and I did not like how I crashed after.  Matador does neither of these.   I’m in the military and my job requires me to be gone at least one week every month some times more. I’m also a single mom with a very active 8 year old.  I need to be able to keep up with my busy schedule.  I make sure I have ample supply with me at all times.  It is small enough to fit in my carry on and does not take up much room in my luggage.  I have introduced many friends to Matador  and they also use it rather than other products on the market.  I would recommend this product to anyone.

Kathy Dirk

By far the best energy shot on the market today! Not only does it give you energy but it’s also good for your heart containing CoQ10. This stuff really works, bottle looks better than anything else out there, and if you like cocktail hour it tastes great with vodka or rum for your favorite mixed drink!

Kat A., Boston, MA

The NEW Energy Shot that burns fat too! What more could you want? Check it out

Ethan N., Naples, FL

I have been using Matador since it first came out. I use it when I need a little energy and it works great. I do not have to drink a big energy drink to get the same amount of energy. I have given it to friends to sample and now they use it also… I do not drink coffee or soda so I was sure I would get all jittery and hit a high then a bad low, well neither one happened. I would recommend this to anyone!

David R., Piedmont, SD